Gardening tasks that can still be done in all this snow

The best laid Plans o' Mice an' Men, gang aft agley

Well the weather of the last three weeks couldn't have upset my garden plans much more.
Winter is when I get caught up with the garden, gather leaves, clean out streams, make new garden beds, remove old and dead branches from trees and shrubs..... but with at least a foot of hard snow over everything and glazed ice on the branches its no-go, so what can you do!!

Inside, the first seeds can be sown, onions and parsley need an early start in a heated propagater, and there are a number of seeds that benefit from a period of cold to get them to germinate.
You can also write the labels for all the other things you will be sowing when spring comes along, that will be a time consuming chore done, as long as you remember where you've put them.

Outside, after every new snowfall, gently shake the snow of your favourite shrubs and small trees so that
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