Great Autumn Offers 2016 - Primula & Auricula

Our 2016 Autumn Availability of Auricula and Primula.
Many of these were not available earlier in the year.
Get in quick to grab those which are rare or limited in numbers.

Click here to download a pdf of the Autumn Catalogue.
Click here to download a mail order form.
Click here for to order online or see the photographs of each plant.
Best Wishes,
  Hamish, Donald & Margaret



Autumn Shrub Sale 2016

A very small selection of our shrub sale plants:

Mahonia x media Charity

Dwarf Rhododendrons & Larger Hybrid Rhododendrons

Decaisnea fargesii (The fabulous blue bean Tree)

Escallonia rubra Macrantha, Griselinia Littoralis,
Hebe John Collier,
And many many more.....................
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