A List of Scottish Gardening Blogs

A round-up of some of the many great gardening blogs dotted around Scotland.
I would love to build up a more comprehensive listing, so please do add a comment if you have any suggestions, or would like to add your own Scottish Blog.

Blog Name
Quick Description - In their own words
Abriachan NurseriesLoch NessFollow the activity at the Nursery & Garden on Loch Ness.
The Stopwatch GardenerEdinburghMaking a little time grow a long way.
A blog for time poor gardening addicts.
Island ThreadsIsle of LewisGardening, textiles and living on an island on the edge of the Atlantic.
The Wind and the WelliesOrkney Gardening and good-lifing in extreme windy conditions, with attitude! 
Leaves 'n BloomPerthshireA  journal of the wildlife, flora, fauna and natural history that this area of scenic Scotland has to offer.
Aberdeen GardeningAberdeenMy posts give information on how plants have performed in the cooler climate of our Aberdeen garden.
David Stuart GardensEdinburghGarden writer, journalist, 4 gardens, books, articles, read all about it.
Shirls Garden WatchPerthshirePlants, birds and wildlife from a small Scottish garden. Includes nestcams and videos.
Vialii GardenStirlingThe musings, amusings, the rantings and ravings, the mutterings and stutterings of Vialii Garden Design.
Gardening At The EdgeLivingstonA garden in central Scotland. My life with rain, weeds and yellow clay, and what I have learned in forty years of living with them.
Slow Growing In ScotlandEdinburghSlow allotment gardening in the life of a busy family.
Angie's Garden DiariesEdinburghA place where an inexperienced gardener can share her thoughts, comments, failures and success!
EK Gardening East Kilbride Gardening in East Kilbride, Scotland
Scottish Artist and his gardenDundeeDiary notes and pictures of scottish artist John Stoa - his  painting projects and seasonal gardening activities
Beechgrove Garden AberdeenIt's not easy growing here, but that makes us a good benchmark. If a plant can grow here, it can grow most places.
Snapdragon GardeningStirlingshireGrowing a small eco-business in central Scotland
Croft GardenHebridesGardening in a Gale
The Impossible Garden
Gardening at 60 degrees north
Edinburgh Garden DiaryEdinburghMy ongoing work to turn the front garden of a tenement flat  and communal back green, into a pleasant, scented Eden.


  1. What a great idea, Cat. Some of the most interesting blogs are from Scotland. A few of these are new to me so I will enjoy exploring. An interesting footnote is that my husband went to John Stoa's art class in Dundee. He has a wonderful "Dublin Bay" rose growing up the front of his house!

  2. Thankyou Cat for including my blog on your list. I'm really surprised at how many other scottish garden blogs I've never visited yet!

  3. Hello again Cat, sorry to be so long in popping by to say thanks for adding my blog to your list :-)

    I agree with Janet, a great idea. If I'm not mistaken, this list has grown since I last looked! Again, like Janet there are some blogs known to me but others I look forward to discovering.

    Just to say, Perthshire is my location. I'm not in Perth. Oh yes... and I'm looking forward to browsing your blog too :-D

  4. Hallo Cat, I'm late as always, but can I echo Janet, Rosie and Shirl in saying this is a great idea? I too am surprised to see so many Scottish blogs I hadn't visited. I'm particularly pleased to see the island blogs, I hope to get some tips for gardening in high salt winds! Afraid I can't make any recommendations, you've mentioned all the Scottish blogs I enjoy (Yan waves at Janet, Rosie and Shirl).

  5. Thank you ladies for your encouragement and your awesome blogs,

  6. Hi Cat
    I missed your comment on my new blog until now. Thank you. Yes, I'd welcome the opportunity to be listed. Best wishes.


  7. It would be really good to see some of these Scottish Garden Bloggers on
    A BRAND NEW site for Gardening Blogs.
    All are welcome especially if you are in search of new readers.

    1. Hi Andrew, Thank you for your visit and for the link to your site, I have signed up and i'm sure many more gardeners will when the word begins to spread, always great to see another gardening forum, good luck with everything, Cat Davidson

  8. A great idea to gather Scottish blogs in one place.
    I'm new to blogging and am now of to look at some of those blogs you have listed and a look at your Nursery website. If I'm ever up there I'll pop in. Please add me to your list.

    1. Hi Angie - It would be my pleasure to add you to the list, best of luck with your blog and your garden, I will follow your posts with interest, Best Wishes, Cat Davidson

    2. Thanks Cat - I've enjoyed looking at other blogs listed here. What a great idea!

  9. What a wonderful idea, I stumbled over your listing trying to find a gardening blog based in Glasgow - I'm helping a friend in the Weege with her garden and want a bit more background on local growing conditions. Thank you!

    I scribble a garden blog - I have more ideas than I ever have the time to write. www.schoolhousegarden.co.uk Would love if you could add me to your list - hope to visit your nursery.

    All good things

    1. Sorry it took me forever to reply Susan,
      The link is now in the list, I hope some new readers find there way to you and your lovely blog,
      All the best, Cat

  10. http://frarys-fresh-flowers.blog.co.uk/
    I've been writing a gardening blog for the last five years or so for our garden just North of Aberdeen and South of Ellon - blasted by wind, rabbits and laziness

    1. Hi Neil,
      I have just added your blog to the list, am running a year behind on updating it sorry about that.
      Hope your garden is doing well,

  11. Oh, love this!! Just what I need!!

  12. AnonymousJune 21, 2014

    My blog on creating a garden in East Kilbride

    1. Now added to the list, thank you for finding us,

  13. Some fab blogs on here - thanks for the list! I write about gardening in Edinburgh at:



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