About Abriachan

Abriachan Nursery was established in 1984 when the Davidson family returned from the Falkland Islands.
Over the years the garden and nursery have gradually grown up the hillside, merging with the wonderful existing landscape and integrating with the lush native deciduous woodlands.

view of loch ness woodland view
The garden is full of vivid interesting plantings and plants from the countries where we have previously lived and gardened.......Olearias, Pittosporums and Flaxes from New Zealand; Tea berries and Diddle-Dee from the Falkland Islands.
Regular trips back to see family keep us inspired and ambitious.

We open the Gardens are under the Scotland's Garden Scheme (The Yellow Book)
A donation is made from the entrance charge and is used for local, National Trust and nursing charities
We are in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society which allows free access to the woodland garden for members

Visit the snug Garden Reading Room with a hot drink from the coffee machine, browse the garden magazines and local information or just listen the the birdsong and relax.
Adjacent to the gardens is our nursery where you can buy many of the plants you have seen growing in the garden, together with a huge range of other interesting varieties.
Our selling nursery has all your favourites, and a great reputation for stocking many interesting and unusual plants that you may not find elsewhere..
We are known for our high quality range of rare and unusual plants and we have notable collections of Old Fashioned Primulas, Auriculas, Helianthemums and Hardy Geraniums. Each spring we display a beautiful Auricula theatre.
There is always someone on hand to help you with advice and information on our plants, our gardens and the local area.
Abriachan Nurseris selling area ducklings
We sell a wide selection of our plants by MailOrder, download a copy of our website or browse through our ONLINE CATALOGUE  Every year we have a great plant selection available, and we release an extra autumn supplement in the 2nd half of the year.
Loch Ness and the Great Glen are in one of the most stunning areas of Scotland and we are very lucky to be perched on the shore of such a beautiful and mysterious stretch of water.
On one level it is a garden of infinite detail; on another the eye follows sweeps of colour leading into the surrounding magnificence of Loch and mountain.

We do our best to encourage birdlife and all forms of nature (except maybe deer and rabbits), on any day you could see squirrels, slow worms, pinemartin, osprey, badgers (In the adjacent forest) and a hundred different birds and butterflies swooping and dancing over the flowers.
We are fortunate enough to have been featured on several tv gardening shows and in some great gardening magazines, not just for the beautiful plants we offer, but the secrets hidden in the garden, such as the Abriachan St Columbas' Font stone.
saint columbas font stone - Abriachan Nurseriesabriachan nurseries view
Children love to explore our winding woodland paths, read our information panels and discover some of our secret sculptures.
We have water features so ask that all children are accompanied by an adult.

We are open all year round.
Bring the kids, bring a picnic, bring a camera, bring the dog (on a lead please) and leave plenty of space in the car to fill it up with gardening gems.

9 am - 7 pm (Or dusk if earlier)
We are 9 miles from Inverness on the main A82 Loch Ness Road.
Do not go up either of the side roads
sign-posted to Abriachan.

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There is a carpark on the roadside large enough for buses and vans.
There is also a smaller carpark half way up the driveway.
If you would like to drop off someone directly at the nursery, so they do not need to climb the short driveway, feel free to come up to the top, but the turning space is very limited.
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