Donald on Beechgrove

Donald was lured away from the nursery (Where he has been flat out like a lizard drinking, in the usual May madness) last night to be a panel member on Beechgrove Garden's - Potting Shed radio show at Aigas Field Centre.
Mark Stephen was the presenter and the panel consisted of: Carol Baxter, Donald Macbean and our very own Donald Davidson
The programme was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland on Sunday 20th May at 12.05pm
Hereis the i-player link- usually available for 7 days:

Remember, you can come in to the nursery any day to quiz Donald in your own personal question time :)
Photograph copyright BBC
Donald is also available to come and do talks or lectures for your garden groups/societies, do give him a call on 01463 861 232 to see when he has space in his diary (All he asks is that transport and accommodation (If required due to distance from Loch Ness) is provided) 
As well as covering all manner of horicultural topics, Donald often lectures on his time living in the Falkland Islands, with many fabulous slides of the wildlife, the flora and the people.

Auricula Favourites

Has anyone written poetry about Auriculas….I have not seen it, hence I felt inspired to write a verse.
Catch your breath colour
Can it be real?
Tiny perfect picture
Can it be real?
Audacious, subtle, side by side.
Elusive scent, forms the memory first.

I’ll keep on with the day job.

It is like a birthday tea in the poly tunnel just now and you don’t know here to look first, a dizzying array, the dazzle of the alpine varieties and the solid globs of the doubles .
And then beyond the colour you begin to see the symmetry and the subtle beauty of the farina and the paler washed colours.

Do I have a favourites, of course I do, and they change from year to year.
That is partly because different varieties perform well each year…and surprisingly unpredictable.
So this year’s favourites:

Soft Blues: Wedgewood, Walton and Bradmore Bluebells
Bradmore Bluebell
Bold and Red: Favourite and Trudy and Rene…….All border auriculas, strong and beautiful.
Fragrant beauties: The nicest are Queen Alexander and Old Clove Red.
Old Clove Red
Breath-taking Greens: Great Parrot. and the fancy Salad

Beautiful doubles: Golden Chatreuse, Nymph and the new Shaun
Golden Chatreuse
The show stealers: Sirius, Rodeo and Gee Cross
Gee Cross
And best of all …when you have left several auriculas in the room overnight, the scent…cloves, rose, capture it and remember.

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