Accidental Artichokes For Tea

We ate this years crop of Artichokes last night and mighty delicious they were too.

Dad had not intended to plant any of our own, put he threw the few remaining pots from the selling beds into the ground and ignored them from then on. The heads were large, the meat melting, the lemon and garlic butter a perfect accompaniment, I have urged him to plant a whole bed of them next year and perhaps with a little more love we may get an even larger, even more delicious crop.

However, Mum declared that she was not that impressed and that it seemed to her the perfect food if you were on a diet as it took, "so long to eat the darned thing"


  1. I have never eaten artichokes and wonder how it tastes like. If the artichokes thrown by your dad landed on garden soil, maybe it will sprout?

  2. Mmmmmmm - one of my favourite vegetables :) I have grown some from seed this year and am looking forward to when I can eventually harvest them.


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