Autumn Offers

With the first day of autumn upon us, we have managed to find time to get our Autumn Supplement for 2011 organised.
Every August I walk among our nursery standing grounds and choose out the plants that are looking great for our mail order supplement.
These plants are ones that I know will settle well when planted in autumn and give a great performance next year.
I like to offer plants that will bring your garden to life again as autumn sets in; there are Schizostylis and Kniphofia, Primroses and Thistles, ready now to settle into the warm soil.

I hope you find something to tempt you, and I hope the midges are not as bad in your garden as they are currently in ours.


  1. Hello Cat, I was just taking a look at your post on Auriculas. I am quite new to them and only have half dozen or so in pots, they really were spectacular this year. I also leave them outdoors all Summer and place them in the unheated greenhouse over Winter. In February they really do look a pitiful state, perking up in early Spring when they are placed outdoors, flowered for almost eight weeks.

  2. Wondeful autumnal shades.

  3. Received the catalogue supplement. Far too many choice auriculas to choose from and no space at the moment...

  4. I enjoyed reading your planting annuals post. I'm not quite ready for Fall as we've a bit of a heat wave this week, but Autumn is a great time of year too! Kelli

  5. Hello Cat,
    I'm going to Inverness this Thursday and will try to drop in on you either then or on the Saturday(23rd) Hope you are still open!

  6. So glad to hear you are stopping by.
    We only close in Dec/Jan so there is still plenty time.
    Hope you enjoy your trip :) Cat


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