Will it ever thaw?

We are back from New Zealand full of the joys of life and ready to enter the Spring madhouse of seed planting, catalogue requests and garden maintenance.

Instead we were met with iron hard ground, minus 10 to minus 15 degrees C night temperatures. Then several inches of snow just to round things of - oh and our domestic water froze up for 5 days. So all systems have slowed down, but now on the 4th of March there are the glimmerings of hope that thaw and spring are on there way.


  1. Waiting is always the hardest part. Perhaps you are like me and have a case of "Spring Fever."

  2. If you beleive our forecasters it has been "very mild" most of the winter - despite there being plenty snow on the Ben and up the loch side hills. Now they have a skiff of snow down south and mayhem ensuses.

    Are they talking up global warming?


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