Oh to be a Movie Star

In September the production team arrived.  Donald was on duty, smiling and informative and demonstrating amazing patience as they take and retake and take again.

It was a crew from Tern TV and they came to film for a Gaelic TV gardening programme. Donald, despite his Gaelic speaking roots stuck to English

The exercise was to buy 3 plants for a garden on Skye. Not necessarily plants that would suit Skye, but something Interesting.

They chose
Pseudowintera colorata
Eryngium bourgatii Graham Stuart Thomas
Eucryphia milliganii
 All of which will thrive in the wet warm west.
They started about 2pm and worked through around  4 hours…..no tea breaks. These guys are made of stern stuff.

This was all done to the intermittent whining of a local chainsaw, the occasional low flying aircraft and heavy lorries. All of this pleased the sound man.
And like TV crews we have dealt with before, they were a pleasure to meet and work with. Good fun

You know the old saying “Never work with Children and animals” . Well true to form, our old dog, West,  was ready to make new friends and hog the camera, but no go, they sent him home!
But watch out for him skulking in the bushes.
The finished product will be on TV Alba in January…such a long time away.


  1. A lovely insight to the filming, and the garden/nursery is looking great from the photos.

    Hopefully you can get it loaded on youtube or a link will be available when it's shown, then let us know the link :)

  2. How exciting! I spoke to a chap today at work who knows you! (John maclellan) he came to our college to assess our hort courses! Small world.


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