The Badger and The Bees

The Buzz from the Hive
Autumn and time for the beekeeper to relax a little, take stock of the honey crop and start to prepare the bees for the winter. However, there were one or two surprises in store for us yet at the Abriachan hive; never a dull moment with bees.
Pressing the Honey
In September there was an outbreak of American foulbrood in Inverness-shire, the beekeepers worst nightmare.
This is a virulent disease that decimates the developing larvae, will eventually wipe out the colony and is highly contagious.
As with foot and mouth, the infected hive, with its bees is destroyed and a standstill order placed on the apiary until further inspections are carried out.
Bees have a flying range of three miles and along with many others, we were within range of the infected apiary.
So we had a tense week while we waited for the Government Bee inspector to call. Thankfully we were given a clean bill of health.
A more recent threat to the hive has been of a larger and hairier kind.
For the first time the gardens have played host to badgers. Not only have they found the flowerbeds attractive but unfortunately the hive too and Don found it tipped right over and the roof removed earlier this month.
Even with the hive strapped up and weighted down with boulders, there has obviously been a return trip, as the metal mouse guard that covers the entrance (yes, mice love hibernating in hives!) has been ripped off in an effort to reach in side.
All is quiet at the moment but at list the intruder has inspired this years label for the honey jars!
AbriachanApiary 2011
(This Guest Blog written by our wonderful bee keeper Rebecca)


  1. Wiz wuz hereNovember 30, 2011

    The badger's batch

  2. Glad to hear you were given a clean bill of health! Clever story behind the label!

  3. Good news regarding the American foulbrood, and then along comes the badger, I would have liked to have witnessed it though.


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