The Turning of the Season

It’s cold now. A depression roared in from the Atlantic last week and we still have blustery showers, and the first snow on the tops.  When I say snow on the tops I don’t mean Ben Nevis, the Ben has had snow for some weeks now, but snow on the hills opposite us on south Loch Ness…...hills around 200ft
The mornings have become dark and I have become very sluggish getting out to the garden. In less than a week the clocks will go back and we will have some brighter mornings, though colder of course.
No frost yet, but raw, wet mornings. I keep glancing at the met office forecasts looking for a mild settled spell to see out the last of the autumn colour. No luck that I can see.
The colour is still wonderful and now that the flashy early reds of Acers and Horse Chestnuts and Geans are through, the colours are taking on russet depths that clothe and pillow the hills in birch and oak.
A bright sunny day would be food for the soul.


  1. The weather is still mild down here but there's a slight chill in the air first thing. Can't believe you've got snow on the lower hills already. Lovely autumn colour.

  2. It is getting hard to get motivated, great Autumn colour though. No frost here as yet, not far off though. I will add one of your pictures and a link to your site on my (Your Gardens) page, if you are not keen to have it just get in touch and I will remove it. alistair.

  3. Thank you Alistair, we would be honoured to be on your webpage, Best Wishes Cat

  4. Very pretty photos, the autumn red is great.

  5. You have some lovely trees! and a fantastic view. Thank you so much for your comment on my croft blog, it made my day! Best regards Julia


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