April/May 2012
Abriachan Nurseries 2012 Auricula Offer - Online Catalogue Available
* * This offer is from 2012, we still get a lot of traffic to this post, so if you end up here looking for great prices on beautiful Auricula, do have a look at our online catalogue which has a great selection and offers throughout the year. 

For the greatest selection, come into the nursery and have a chat.


  1. Hello Cat,just ordered a few of your fabulous border auriculas, I will probably plant them in terracotta pots and position them in the garden come Spring as I do with the ones I currently have.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery. Do you think I should allow them to grow on a bit before I repot them in their larger terracotta pots.

    1. Hello Alistair - Thank you for your order, so glad you got your Auricula.
      We tend to leave them in the pots for a while after flowering, feeding them well (Miracle Grow works well) and letting the leaves grow and the root ball develop further. In early July I would then transplant them to the terracotta using a good draining mix. We too love the look of the Auricula in the traditional terracotta, but have found that they grow better in the plastic which is sadly by no means as attractive.
      Best of luck with them, I look forward to seeing photographs of them flowering in your garden next year. Best wishes, Cat

  3. Thanks for the advice Cat


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